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May these Scriptures from the Bible bring strength and encouragement to you each day. Individual “pictures” can be enlarged by left clicking. 

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About “Sowing The Seed”

 The “Sowing The Seed” ministry is evidence of the words quoted in the parable of Luke chapter 8 verse 8, where the seed fell on good ground, sprang up and bore fruit. 

 “Sowing The Seed” developed from our Christian work, which has been ongoing for many years.  We desire that you, the viewer, will receive this “seed” and benefit from the fruits harvested.  We seek to encourage and strengthen the believers through the words of Holy Scripture and also pray that those who have not yet trusted Christ as their Lord and Saviour will do so, as a result of reading God’s Word.

 Produced and printed on our home computer, all photographs and designs shown on the cards featured on this website, have been of our own inception.  Many years have elapsed since the first photograph was taken, to the latest one shown.  The same can be said of our lives’ experiences, which prompted the texts and photographs to be intertwined during times as diverse as joy and celebration, sorrow and affliction.

 The beauty of nature, with its lush vegetation and magnificent colours, draws the inner being to the Creator of all things, making us realise that there is a reason for the varied circumstances of life.  The words from the Bible – because they are true – lift our “eyes of faith” to the one Saviour, Who alone is able to save, heal and keep.  He promises to restore, refresh and renew, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

 All “Sowing The Seed” cards and leaflets are distributed totally free of charge at the numerous meetings we attend and in many other locations – remembering the words which the Lord Jesus said in Matthew chapter 10 verse 8, “freely ye have received, freely give.”